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Pesach for adults

I have had 3 or 4 conversations over the last few weeks that have inspired this post. The essence of each of them was essentially: how do I access learning and spirituality to make my Pesach more meaningful for me and not just my kids?
So in lieu of running an adult ed course, which busy parents find it hard to find the time for, I thought I would put down some of the ways that Pesach is made meaningful for me as an adult; beyond creating the crossing of the Reed Sea on our table with the kids (which E loved so much she insisted on doing it in January for her junk model at school!) or throwing toy frogs and bugs at one another during the seder meal?
For me it all begins with the kitchen swap over, but the cleaning is not just hard work, it is also cathartic, and, even, a spiritual process. Unpacking family heirlooms, rediscovering wedding and engagement presents that might become our children's heirlooms, and cleaning the fridge out in a way that just doesn't happen the rest …

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